Winter 2009

"Thank You For Protecting Us" - Honoring the military men,women and their families in service to our country (click for lyrics)

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The Song-CAMP Kids, in doing "Directed Writing", also decided to write a song of courage and thanks to those men and women in the US Armed Forces. We are grateful that they are the "best around"!


CHORUS: Thank you for protecting us, You are the very best, Come home safe and sound. You guard our freedom, You are our freedom, You are the best around! VERSE 1: (to men & women) Don't let your lonesome get you down, We know that your family's proud. We care, you save, together we are brave, We all are safe and sound! (Chorus) VERSE 2: (to families) Keep the pictures hangin' on the wall, They remind us of them all. Think of them alwasy by your side, Grab the phone when they call! (Chorus) (Chorus) ENDING: You are the best around! You are the best around!