This is the first performance of a song the new Winter Semester of Song-CAMP Kids wrote to the 3-year old grand-niece of one of Walt's singer-songwriter friends, "CJ". It was written, performed and recorded all the same afternoon of February 3rd, 2009 by the Song-CAMP Kids.

Phoebe's Story - from her Caring Bridge Website at Seattle Children's Hopsital:

"Phoebe is recovering from her December 8th surgery on a brain tumor. Her family is living at the RonDon House near Children’s Hospital while she receives radiation treatment at UW Medical. She has relearned to walk by herself and is doing speech therapy to help get the left side of her face fully functioning again.
Please help us visualize Phoebe’s return to complete health."


Phoebe, can you feel the love
In our thoughts and prayers?
We are right beside you now,
With your hopes and fears.

As the sun, the moon and stars
Brightly light the way,
We are here to help you through this

God is here to help you now,
Don't be scared, you're fine.
The angels will be there for you,
We will help you shine.


Don't let fear touch your heart,
Don't be scared, be brave!
We are all here for you,
Worry not, you're safe!



Yes, we are here to help you through this
Day :)