This song is dedicated to "Juan" - an elementary school classmate of some of the Song-CAMP Kids. Juan ended up at Children's Hospital with pneumonia. The Kids wanted to write a fun song and dedicate it to Juan.


Put on your skates, get ready to go,
Hurry up, we're ready to roll.
"Ponte tus patines Y vamanos"!
Slipping, tripping, falling down,
Hearing songs from all around,
"Ponte tus patines Y vamanos"!

My buddy Juan is waiting
For our hockey team.
He's the goalee, down at the rink.
After the game we celebrate,
Theres no time to waste.
Down at the snack bar, it's time to taste.

(Chorus 2)

VERSE 2: (La La La ...)

(Chorus 3)

"Ponte tus patines Y vamanos"! ...
"Ponte tus patines Y vamanos"! ...