“S.O.S. Santa” is a song about writing a letter to Santa, hoping they would get a racecar. Their sister wants a doll, their mother wants a gift card, to shop down at the mall. The young person setup fireworks to shoot off so that if the snow was thick, Santa would be able to find their house. But, just as they were preparing their setup ahead of time, a Christmas Mouse tripped them and caused them to spill the box of matches! A little spark set them off … and the fireworks flew prematurely into the night! S.O.S. Santa – what do they do now?! Well, they fell asleep with a loud snore. Rudolph ultimately saved the day … finding their house okay. When the children awoke, to their delight … everything they had asked for was in plain sight!


(V1) I wrote a letter to Santa
If the snow is thick,
Watch out for the fireworks
You will get here quick.
I hope I get a racecar
My sister wants a doll
My mother wants a gift card
To shop down at the mall

(V2) Now as I wait for Santa
The snow is on its way,
I put out milk and cookies
The snow is gonna stay.
It's time to light the fireworks
I set them up just right,
If it wasn’t for that Christmas mouse
Which gave me such a fright!

(B) I spilled the box of matches
And they flew into the night,
A little spark set them off
And now there out of sight.
S.O.S. Oh Santa,
Just what do I do now?
Will you find me, Santa,
When will you and how?

(V3) I fell asleep just waiting,
I guess my snore was loud.
Rudolph came to save the day,
He thought the snow was plowed.
I woke up that next morning,
And oh, to my delight,
Everything we asked for
Was right there in plain sight!